Gambling addiction cost the U.S. between $32.4 billion and $53.8 billion a year.
- Baylor University, August 2011.


March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month - a chance to speak up and have the conversation about gambling addiction. Most adults gamble or know someone who gambles. Many of these individuals suffer in silence, unable to break the cycle of their addiction. Many of them don't realize that they have a problem, or know where to find help.


Have the Conversation

This year's Problem Gambling Awareness Month theme is Have the Conversation. Educate the public and healthcare professionals about the warning signs of problem gambling and promote the availability of help and hope in your community.

PTR Press has everything that you need to support your Problem Gambling Awareness campaign. Whether you're looking to prevent gambling addiction or help others in recovery, our pamphlets and presentation display are designed to work together to leave a lasting impression on your audience about the dangers of problem gambling throughout the month of March and all year long!

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