What our customers say about us

“The three presentation displays we received are just so well done, informative and colorful. We have received a lot of compliments!”

G. Gothoskar

“We received our Alcohol Awareness Stand as soon as we ordered it. It is very distinct and straightforward. We had comments like "Sharp" and "that makes a statement!!" So thank you so much for bringing this great informational assest to our Non-profit. It is exactly what I was looking for! ”

LaViza Matthews

“Thank you so much for all your help! I'm so excited to have the ribbon magnets. I thought up the idea a while back and couldn't have seen it come true without you. I can't wait until Red Ribbon Week in October! I think people will be excited to see the magnets. Thank you so much for your hard work, patience and enthusiasm!”

Christy Moore - Hill Air Force Base

“Recent budget cuts combined with the need to make our programs enjoyable has left us in a position where we cannot afford to waste even a dime of our limited budget. In the past, we have tried other vendors who promised “a great product at a great price”. Unfortunately, this often meant products of low or substandard quality that simply did not meet our needs or expectations. In some cases, we ended up throwing away the product - and along with them - our money. To this end, we have found that our best value (bang for the buck) is to deal exclusively with Fire Safety for Life for all of our products. Importantly, Fire Safety for Life is more than a supplier, to us, they are an important part of our prevention team, and are considered an essential partner in our fire and life safety efforts. ”

Capt. Todd DeMar, EFO

“Your company takes the time to find out what customers need and make adjustments and additions to your excellent inventory of products to satisfy those needs. The customer services is absolutely marvelous. I have had an excellent relationship and recommend your products and service to all my colleagues. Your inventory is broad enough to satisfy virtually all my needs. You are the exclusive provider of educational and informational materials for our programs dealing with substance abuse prevention.”

Percy Brown

“Over the past years you have shown great dedication and customer service in providing our organization with professionalism. Our efforts to provide beneficial products and outreach materials to our military members and families are crucial. Your company continued to equip us with the resources necessary to move forward with education and prevention information. We appreciate your professionalism, patience and promptness with which you responded to our needs. We can't thank you enough. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and your company to others.”

John F. Armour, DAF

“On Tuesday I received a sample packet of the Stop Bullying from Prevention Treatment. I looked through it, thought it had merit….on Wednesday a teacher asked me to talk to a child that IS bullying, I went right to the folder with the material and got out the appropriate age level mini mag and the student arrived. I inquired what had happened on the playground…the student said “I told her I was going to hit her in the face, but I didn’t.” She also mentioned that she had been pushing them down, kicking and hitting…I listened and then I opened the book….to page one…Bully or Not. I just read the situations and asked her…bully or not….and THEN I asked her about the situations she had just told me….and asked, “bully or not?” and she said………BULLY. Then I asked what she could do differently when the girl didn’t want to play with her….(instead of threatening to hit her)…. And we discussed finding someone else to play with, asking her to play tomorrow, or just jumping rope by herself. The mini mag was a great little tool…the spring board for discussion of this situation. Did the bully change? I will know more in the weeks to come, but I do know that SHE acknowledged that she WAS a bully and that is the first step in changing ANY behavior. ”

Julia Ingram-McLelland