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  • “Buckle Up, Baby: Transport Children Safely” – DVD

  • "Highway Safety: The Click Does the Trick" Pamphlet

    “Highway Safety: The Click Does the Trick” Pamphlet

  • "Buckle Up Baby: Transport Children Safely" Pamphlet

    “Buckle Up Baby: Transport Children Safely” Pamphlet

  • Donnie Dinosaur's: Seat Belt Safety Activity Sheet

    Donnie Dinosaur’s “Seat Belt Safety” Activity Sheet

  • Donnie Dinosaur's "The Click Does the Trick. Seat Belts Save Lives! Buckle Up!" Red Ribbon

    “The Click Does the Trick” Ribbon

  • "The Click Does the Trick" Sticker

    “The Click Does the Trick” Sticker

  • "The Click Does the Trick" Certificate

    “The Click Does the Trick” Certificate

  • "The Click Does the Trick" Seatbelt Safety Pencil

    “The Click Does the Trick” Seatbelt Safety Pencil

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