Avoiding Suicide Presentation Display

  • Features striking and compelling imagery.
  • Explains who is most at risk for suicide.
  • Offers suggestions on overcoming suicidal thoughts.
  • Describes a course of action for helping to prevent suicide.
  • Covers the warning signs of suicide.
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The Avoiding Suicide presentation display will make it easy for you to broach the difficult topic of suicide. It begins by explaining that suicide is frequently committed out of desperation by individuals who are experiencing the effects of depression or other mental illnesses. Mental illnesses can be treated and suicidal thoughts can be overcome. While suicide is a serious problem, it is preventable.

Certain people are considered more at-risk of committing suicide than others. People who are 45- to 65-years old have the highest suicide rate. Men are four times more likely to commit suicide, while women are more likely to attempt suicide. Individuals who have mood and substance abuse disorder are at a higher risk for suicide. And 20% to 50% of people who commit suicide have previously attempted it. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of the death in the U.S.

Many people have suicidal thoughts in their lifetime, but it’s essential to keep these thoughts from turning into action. There are steps that can help to overcome suicidal thoughts. First, don’t be afraid to talk with others about your feelings. Discussing your emotions can help to make them more manageable and it can help to put things into perspective. Avoid drugs and alcohol, as these can worsen an already negative state of mind.

The Avoiding Suicide presentation display goes on to advise that those who are having suicidal thoughts should try to focus on the good things in life, even if those things are small things. The realization that these disturbing feelings will pass also helps to quell them. These thoughts can also be tamped down by engrossing yourself in other activities, hobbies, or exercise. Most importantly, those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts should promise themselves that they won’t make any drastic decisions.

Individuals should be prepared to discuss suicide in a straightforward manner if they believe that someone is actively considering suicide. Direct questions like “Are you thinking about suicide?” and “Have you made a suicide plan?” can start the conversation. Keep the conversation going and express concern. Other steps to take include removing dangerous items from their possession and creating a Safety Plan that has contact information for supportive friends and family members. Resources, like suicide prevention hotline numbers and appointments for professional help, can also go a long way in helping individuals through this difficult time.

There are warning signs of suicide and people should pay attention if someone they know starts exhibiting them. Warning signs include talking about wanting to die or their suicide plan, engaging in risky behaviors, giving away their possessions, withdrawing from family and friends, and expressing feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness.

This suicide prevention display concludes by noting that four out of five people who have attempted suicide and failed are grateful to be alive and that suicide is never the answer.

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