Counterfeit Drugs: Kill Pills Tabletop Display

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  • Explains what counterfeit pills are and how they contribute to the current opioid epidemic.
  • Identifies the different types of commonly counterfeited pills.
  • Explains why they pills lead to addiction, overdose and death.
  • Shows the current overdose and death rates attributed to counterfeit pills and fentanyl.
  • Explains where it’s found, and how dealers are hiding a deadly drug with other more commonly abused drugs.
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Counterfeit Pills are becoming an all too common problem in our country. We are currently in the center of an opioid epidemic which began with the overprescribing of strong, habit-forming painkillers. When prescriptions ran out, people turned to the streets for illegal pills and other stronger opioids. To help grow the market, drug dealers turned to cheaper yet stronger synthetic drugs like fentanyl to help boost their profit margins. This has led to numerous overdose deaths and a very dangerous combination of drugs on the streets.

These look-a-likes are impossible to spot. You would not know if you were taking a regular pill or a stronger dosed one until it’s too late. Drug seizures of counterfeit pills and illegal drug labs have risen drastically. One lab, found in a suburban basement contained over 500,000 pills labeled as OxyContin. The pills contained pure fentanyl and were sold across the country to various dealers. Counterfeit pills are everywhere and it is a growing issue. Deaths from fentanyl laced drugs has skyrocketed in the last four years, deaths have increased over 540%.

The Counterfeit Pills- Kill Pills display explains what these dangerous pills are, where people are finding them, and how they are leading to overdoses and deaths across the country. The display explains how quickly an overdose can occur when taking these fake pills. The display ends with the warning to avoid kill pills – don’t take what isn’t prescribed to you.

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