Prescription to Addiction: How to Manage Your Pain Medication – Pamphlet

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  • Explains the importance of managing pain medication to avoid abuse and addiction.
  • Informs the user that even though a drug is prescribed by a doctor, it does not mean it is safe, especially when taken improperly.
  • Covers proper storage and disposal of prescription drugs.
  • Includes warning signs of addiction and withdrawal.
  • Provides support information and a helpline reference.
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Prescription drug abuse is at an all time high. The cycle of painkiller use, dependency and addiction is not slowing down: in fact it’s growing at a steady pace. More than 50,000 people lost their lives due to drug overdose and many of those deaths were linked to the abuse of prescription pain medications. However, those truly in pain should not be scared to take prescribed pain medication to help them heal.

Properly taking, managing and disposing of pain medication can help you avoid a path to addiction.

This pamphlet covers the importance of properly taking pain medication. It guides you to to follow the doctor’s instructions and advice, have a support system to help you understand what you are taking and how you should be taking it, and to take the lowest dose and amount of pain medication needed. Following these basic steps should help you avoid abusing your prescription drugs, while still managing pain.

The Prescription to Addiction pamphlet covers the warning signs of addiction and withdrawal. To help recognize the behaviors and physical effects drugs can cause that lead to substance abuse. Noticing warning signs early can help you get help quickly and prevent a fatal problem.

The pamphlet then covers the three main drivers that lead to prescription drug abuse: Sharing medication or taking medicine that wasn’t prescribed to you, not properly storing or disposing of drugs, and addiction leading to stronger, deadlier drugs. The pamphlet also provides information to receive support if you believe you are addicted or may become addicted.

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