In the Know: Methamphetamine, Fools Rush In – Pamphlet

  • Discusses what meth is and how it works.
  • Describes how the drug is used.
  • Breaks down signs of methamphetamine abuse.
  • Lists the numerous short- and long-term effects.
  • Urges readers to say away from the drug.
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Methamphetamine is the bathtub gin of the drug age — a viciously addictive and poisonous concoction manufactured in unsanitary labs by uncaring and incompetent criminals. This pamphlet describes the way this powerful and unpredictable psychomotor stimulant affects the user’s brain and body, immediately and in the long term.

It describes the compulsive, ceaseless, meaningless actions users perform for hours on end while under the drug’s influence, their ashen, wrinkled, weak appearance engendered by the meth “runs” in which they may not sleep or eat for days. It warns teens of the paranoid, aggressive, violent behavior meth users often display, and the physical damage the drug causes to the brain and other organs — including a dementia resembling Alzheimer’s disease.

This pamphlet is also available in Spanish.

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In the Know: Methamphetamine, Fools Rush In - Pamphlet PDF Preview