Inhalants: Are You Out of Your Mind? DVD

  • 15 minutes long.
  • Features a straightforward look at the dangers of inhalants.
  • Details the dangerous and permanent effects of using inhalants.
  • Urges young people to stay away from inhalants.


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This video teaches young students what happens when any poisonous chemicals are sniffed as well as the permanent effects that toxic poisonous fumes have on the body. It gives very young drug abusers the information they need to stay far away from inhalants and other drugs commonly abused by middle school students. They are given facts and other information about this drug, how it is used, and the effects it has on the body, including death. This video helps prevent use before it ever starts, helping to keep students safe even when parents and/or guardians are not there to watch them.

Inhalants: Are You Out of Your Mind?

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15 Minutes

Available in Spanish