Marijuana & Driving Tabletop Display

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  • Details how marijuana’s active ingredient impacts driving skills.
  • Explains the dangers of mixing marijuana and alcohol.
  • Provides statistics about drugged driving.
  • Addresses the issue of legal marijuana.
  • Urges people to never get into a car with an impaired driver.
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As attitudes toward marijuana shift, it’s important to ensure that your community has the facts about this drug. With this presentation display, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to convey the dangers of drugged driving. It begins by noting that while some people believe that marijuana doesn’t affect their ability to drive, that belief couldn’t be further from the truth.

Marijuana’s active ingredient, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), impairs reasoning abilities, judgment, concentration, the perception of time, and motor skills. Drivers who have smoked marijuana are unable to focus on driving on the road, react in a timely manner to other cars, red lights, and pedestrians, and to judge distances accurately. High drivers will also have a difficult time maintaining their speed and lane position. These are all crucial elements of safe driving.

Marijuana use doubles the risk of a car crash and it is the most commonly detected illicit substance in fatal car crashes. Last year, 10.3 million people reported driving under the influence of an illicit drug.

Mixing marijuana and alcohol is a dangerous combination. These two substances affect the brain in different ways and when combined, they can cause nausea, vomiting, panic attacks, as well as extreme anxiety and paranoia. Drivers who are both high and drunk are significantly impaired and they face a higher risk of being involved in a car crash.

As more and more states legalize medical and/or recreational marijuana, it’s important to remember that driving under the influence of marijuana is still illegal. Current legal precedents state that drivers are not allowed have a THC blood content of over five nanograms per milliliter. But, there’s no clear consensus on how much marijuana it takes to reach this legal limit. Further complicating the matter is the fact that THC blood content may vary with a person’s body chemistry, how much marijuana has been used, and the type of marijuana used.

The display concludes by urging people to speak up if someone who has used marijuana is about to get behind the wheel because marijuana and driving equal a dangerous dead end.

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