Saying No! Marijuana: Vacancy – Life of a Pot Smoker DVD

  • Award-winning video.
  • Directed at young people in 5th to 10th grade.
  • Addresses whether marijuana is addictive.
  • Notes the health consequences that come with using marijuana.
  • Discusses marijuana’s legality.
  • Provides examples of how to say no to marijuana.
  • 14 minutes long.


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Through the words of their peers, teens learn ways to Say No while staying ‘cool’!

The urban legends that have grown up around marijuana – that most teens experiment with it, that it poses no significant health hazards, and that there is no evidence that it is addictive – are thoroughly debunked in the only manner likely to be effective with its target audience of youngsters in grades 5 through 10.

The video’s teen narrators acknowledge that there is still some lingering scientific debate over whether marijuana is truly addictive. But they point out that it shares several characteristics with other substances known to be addictive, including withdrawal symptoms in the absence of the drug, and a tolerance necessitating use of greater amounts to obtain the same effect.

The video emphasizes the short and long-term harm from marijuana use that has been scientifically documented – immune system damage, unusual levels of respiratory disease, a loss of focus and motivation, and problems with memory and learning. It also emphasizes that marijuana is illegal – that mere possession can lead to arrest and imprisonment.

The presentation turns teenage rebellion, susceptibility to peer pressure and need for acceptance against marijuana use. The narrators point out that the adults who are pushing it are lying about its popularity among teens and downplaying the harm it causes simply to make a sale, making them legitimate targets for teen rejection of an adult influence. A panel of teens recount their own refusal to use pot and describe the tactics they use to rebuff other teens who pressure them to try it.

Winner of the 2004 Telly Award!

Saying No! Marijuana: Vacancy - Life of a Pot Smoker

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