Smokeless Tobacco Tabletop Display

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  • Outlines different types of smokeless tobacco products.
  • Details the effects of smokeless tobacco use.
  • Breaks down the diseases caused by smokeless tobacco use.
  • Identifies the addictive qualities of smokeless tobacco.
  • Provides the statistics behind smokeless tobacco use.
  • Addresses the health risks of smokeless tobacco.
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75% of oral cancers are due to tobacco use. With this tabletop display, you’ll be able to provide your audience with a straightforward and thorough overview of smokeless tobacco products.

The display begins by noting that while people have been smoking and snorting tobacco for centuries, chewing tobacco did not reach its height of popularity in the U.S. until the late 1800s. The display outlines four major types of smokeless tobacco products: chewing tobacco, snuff, Snus, and dissolvable tobacco.

Smokeless tobacco use leads to a variety of problems. It causes hostility, irritability, depression, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, increased appetite, and weight gain.

Those who have been using smokeless tobacco for a long time put themselves at risk for stained and discolored teeth, cavities, tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease, oral cancer, Leukoplakia, Esophageal cancer, heart disease, and Pancreatic cancer.

The display finishes by encouraging the audience to Quit the Spit! Quitting smokeless tobacco can be difficult, but it’s not impossible!

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