In the Know: Tobacco – How It Affects The Body – Pamphlet

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  • Provides a brief history of tobacco.
  • Explains the effects of tobacco’s ingredients on the body.
  • Discusses health hazards like lung cancer and heart disease.
  • Addresses the addictive nature of nicotine.
  • Covers the effects of secondhand smoke.
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SAMHSA survey shows that 60% of young people who binge drink and 47% of young people who smoke also use illicit drugs as compared with 5% for non-smokers/drinkers.

In attempting to prevent young people from ruining their lives through the use of damaging and dangerous drugs such as meth, cocaine or heroin, it’s important remember the origins of substance abuse. Tobacco, while by no means harmless, is a common pathway to the abuse of harder substances. Prevent young people from using this “gateway” drug and increase the odds they’ll live happier, healthier, drug-free lives.

This pamphlet provides an overview of tobacco’s damaging effects on a person’s body. It opens with a look at the expensive and damaging effects tobacco use has on this country. It includes a brief history of tobacco in the U.S. and discusses the recent activity of class action lawsuits, advertising bans, and product labeling issues. An explanation of nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco is given as well as how those chemicals affect a user’s body.

The pamphlet also includes detailed information on lung cancer, respiratory diseases such as emphysema, and the link between smoking and heart disease. Readers will learn about the link between nicotine and addiction and the incredibly addictive power of tobacco. The effects of secondhand smoke on others are also presented and the pamphlet ends with a call to the reader to avoid tobacco use for their health, wealth and the well-being of others.

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