“Vaping Synthetic Drugs” Wall Graphic

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  • Presents an overview on the rise of e-cigarette use for inhaling dangerous synthetic drugs
  • Shows the horrifying side effects of vaping synthetic drugs
  • Explains the risk of overdose even with just one use
  • Urges readers to avoid vaping synthetic drugs
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Electronic Cigarettes have grown in popularity and claim to be a safer alternative to cigarettes. However, for some e-cigarettes have become an easy, almost undetectable way to abuse a wide range of synthetic drugs. People are vaping dangerous synthetic drugs discreetly in vape pens. Some of these e-liquids are easily purchased online, making the user believe they are a “safe high” this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The “Vaping Synthetic Drugs” Wall Graphic is a removable 24″ x 36″ inch vinyl sticker. It focuses on the dangers and side effects of vaping synthetic drugs including synthetic marijuana and bath salts. It explores the horrifying side effects of vaping synthetic drugs, the unknown dangers of inhaling untested, unregulated chemicals and the risk of overdose associated with these chemicals.

The wall graphic explains that vaping synthetic drugs is not worth the risk of violent seizures, convulsions, respiratory issues and even death. Don’t get Vaporized!

To see a full PDF version of this wall graphic, click the Instant Preview tab above.

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