Forward Feed Magazine – Vaping, Tobacco & Nicotine Addiction Issue

  • Target high school and college students
  • Attractive, modern design holds attention
  • Clearly written for comprehension
  • Deep dive into the addictive, destructive nature of vaping, juuling and using tobacco
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Forward Feed Magazine – Vaping, Tobacco & Nicotine Addiction Issue

Targeted Prevention for High School and College Students

The Problems Facing Prevention Education

Reaching young people with effective prevention information is a tricky business. Digitally delivered content is often ignored, social media advertising is easy to miss and traditional broadcast media is difficult to produce and expensive to deploy. So what to do? Reason dictates that placing information directly into the hands of young people is an effective way to ensure that at least a prevention impression is made. But will they read it?

Our Solution

We created Forward Feed Magazine with the target audience, your high school and college-aged young people, in mind. Our idea was to use a magazine style format with cutting-edge design, filled with images of “relatable” young people, and packed with just the right amount of prevention information to change the attitudes and opinions of its readers.

We took great pains in developing and designing the content so that the main prevention message of each section is clearly identifiable at first glance. Bold headlines and main ideas take precedence. Readers may “drill-down” for greater detail and nuance. Where possible, information is delivered by bullet point. Large text blocks have been eliminated, making way for smaller “chunks” of content. The design utilizes large, bold images, with a small text-to-image ratio to encourage reading.

Every #FWDFEED: Vaping, Tobacco & Nicotine Addiction Magazine includes information on:

  • The addictive nature of nicotine and how it changes the brain
  • How vapes and Juuls are just as addictive as cigarettes
  • The cost of vaping to your short-term health, long-term health and your wallet
  • The mysterious vaping related hospitalizations
  • The effects of cigarette smoking on the body
  • The tobacco/nicotine industry’s emphasis on profits over people’s health
  • An in-depth look at smokeless tobacco and it’s devastating consequences
  • Dealing with nicotine withdrawal and triggers
  • How your body heals after quitting tobacco
  • Best practices to leave nicotine in the dust
  • Suggested resources for more information and additional help

Each issue of Forward Feed Magazine can be personalized with your organization’s custom message and contact information.

To see a full PDF version of this issue, click the Instant Preview tab above.

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Additional information

Dimensions8.62 × 11.12 in

Grade Level

College, High School

Page Count

16 Pages

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